Independence Day (Pakistan)

Youm e Azadi (Independence Day)

Creation of a Muslim state was not trouble free. Countless challenges came in between and after multifarious scarifices our people were able to get a free and stable state.
We were blessed to have great leaders who had firm convictions and beliefs that one day we were going to get independence from British raj rule. Multiple sacrifices; emotionally, physically and financially we fought for achieving an independent soveriegn state; Pakistan “The land of pure”.

My grandmother was just 12 years old when Pakistan got independence and she told us the stories of those times when there was a “war” going on both sides. When many of muslims were suffering as well as Hindus. When the rivers of blood flowed through the streets and roads. Women were burnt naked, small children were slaughtered and much more than that. That’s how people witnessed the scenes. Achieving a separate country was not so easy, it was full of sufferings, harships, agony and sacrifices.


So yeah! After tolerating multitudinous condemnation, we achieved a free state where we were able to have our own identity.


We are the leaders of this state, our responsibility is to promote peace and terminate the wrongful and immoral doings. We are one and we can together make this country shinning like a star again in this whole world. We can again make it a perfect Muslim state where everyone gets justice. Where women get respect, where love flows in every heart. One day Pakistan is going to be the superpower and no one is going to let us down.


Pakistan Zindabad